Invoice Finance

Invoice discounting and factoring. Services can be confidential or disclosed to your customers depending on the suitability of the business. Full-service option including credit control and bad debt protection.

Over 44,000 businesses in the UK use invoice finance, typically for on-going working capital but also used in MBI and MBO transactions and the raising of additional capital. We will guide you through the process and find the most suitable deal for you.

If you are currently using Invoice Finance, we offer a free facility review service to see if you are getting the maximum funding available and best possible deal.

Asset Finance

Buying a new piece of plant, machinery, kit or vehicles? Facilities available between 1 and 5 years depending on the asset and the ability to service the repayments. We can also help can to provide funding for the deposit payment and VAT in most circumstances.

Overdraft Facilities

Looking for a rolling overdraft to support the on-going cash requirements of the business, see a business opportunity that you want to take advantage of quickly. Need help quickly to resolve a cashflow issue. Secured against business or personal assets outside the business.

Bridging Finance

Looking to bridge a property sale or where a traditional mortgage cannot be obtained. Facilities are available from 2 to 24 months and can be secured within as little as 3 days. Interest can either be serviced or rolled into the deal depending on circumstance.

Property Development Funding

Whether you are an experienced developer or undertaking a private project. Facilities available at any stage from land acquisition through to sale.

Cashflow Loans

Both secured and un-secured options available depending on circumstance.